What is JCF?

JCF is a total body training program that focuses on fitness, form, and nutrition.

JCF is about empowering individuals toward happiness through a culture of fitness, leadership, camaraderie, and results.

We consider every day as an opportunity to get a step closer to our ultimate goals.

We prioritize our health and take ownership of our fitness journey.

We are a diverse, inclusive community of remarkable people who welcome each other with a smile and a high-five.

We start every session with gratitude: we recognize training alongside a group of like-minded people is a privilege for which to be grateful.

We embrace the possibility of creating a new standard for ourselves because our WHY is bigger than us as individuals: to empower others in our families, our communities, and our workplaces.

This sense of purpose makes us highly motivated to create wins in the gym that will ultimately translate to wins outside of the gym, which then helps us be more effective at the titles we hold: parent, spouse, brother, daughter, business owner, assistant, MD, esq., etc.

We strive to do better in all aspects of our lives: Better Body. Better Life.  

Improve daily.

Embrace a new journey.

Get results.

Learn about the JCF Difference.