Welcome to JCF!

We are excited that you are thinking about becoming a part of the JCF family.  We are deeply committed to helping you achieve your better body and better life.

Our dedicated JCF Team and current Members (whom are awesome to say the least) will motivate you and give you a sense of accountability, camaraderie, and support to help you reach your goals.

Our program is made up of several training aspects, which include but are not limited to circuit training, functional training, resistance training, sports specific drills, core work, agility, plyometrics, and h.i.i.t.

Through our partnership with Groupon, we are offering 2 offers:

$59 for a 21-day bootcamp program ($150 value)

$149 for a 5-week bootcamp program ($327 value)

These offers expire 120 days after purchase. 



JCF is a total body fitness training and nutrition program. Designed to help you achieve tangible results and give you expert fitness coaching to reduce injury. Our workout program is structured and balanced to ensure total body fitness in just 45 minutes per session.

Is JCF only for those who are physically fit?

No. All fitness levels are welcome to join. No one will be asked to complete more than he/she is capable of doing safely. You will be challenged regardless of your fitness level.

Where are you located?

Our training sessions take place at 39 Erie Street JC, NJ 07302 (between 2nd and 3rd Street)

Our office is located at 121 Newark Avenue 5th floor (corner of Grove St.) JC, NJ 07302

What are your session times?

Monday – 5:30am; 6:15am; 7am; 7pm

Tuesday – 5:30am; 6:15am; 7am; 7pm

Wednesday – 5:30am; 6:15am; 7am; 7pm

Thursday – 5:30am; 6:15am; 7am; 7pm

Friday – 5:30am; 6:15am; 7am

Saturday – 9am

What should I bring?

Members should bring the following:

Wear workout apparel


Exercise mat (optional)

Weight training gloves (optional)

Most important – GREAT ATTITUDE!

Is the 21-Day program for 21 sessions?

No. 21-Day program is for three (3) calendar weeks. The 21-Days or 3 weeks will begin your first session. *Reminder you must first attend New Member Intake Session prior to your first session. These are offered Monday and Wednesday evening and Saturday morning.

When does the deal expire?

120 days after purchase