Why Your New Year’s Resolution Should Not Be To Get In Shape

It’s that time of year when you start to feel the bloat adding up.

You’ve eaten yourself into oblivion after promises to yourself it wouldn’t happen again.

Your clothes are fitting a bit tighter. You go to remove your clothing and you notice indents at your waistline you haven’t noticed before.

At this point, you begin to feel things have gone too far and that you must do something. And you must do something NOW.

After all, the new year is approaching.

The new year will bring new beginnings.


A quick memory jog reminds you this was your year to get in shape.

Twelve months ago you had this exact goal but now find yourself at about the same place you were back then.

However, all isn’t lost. There are several things you’ve tried that didn’t work for you to finally be able to cross this behemoth of a goal off the list. Now you know what doesn’t work.

You start with the health club membership. It’s great. You have plenty of access to the space from 5 am to 11 pm. There are tons of machines. You’re pumped. You’ve made the first move of signing up and being a regular at the gym.

You’re so pumped that you follow your favorite Instagram trainer’s 30-day online program and you’re loving it.

You get some really awesome results and so you decide to turn 30 days into 60 days. By this time, the novelty is wearing off and you only have yourself to answer to. So, the negotiations begin.

“I’ll go tonight after work.”

Tonight, “I’ll go tomorrow.”

Tomorrow turns into two weeks then two months.

Next, you enlist a friend who also wants to get into shape.  But one day there’s inclement weather and it’s just enough for one of you to call out, thinking you’ll get back at it tomorrow.  Eventually, you fall off that course too.

As you read this, pondering your Fittest Year strategy, we want you to disrupt your current pattern. Enough of trying to get in shape.

It’s about you getting in shape and staying in shape by having a plan that will work and will last.

Here are four ways to ensure this year was the last year to “get in shape”:

First, you need to get around people that are going in the same direction as you. Even better, rub elbows with those that are already where you’d like to go.

While a $57 per month info product or a monthly online subscription is great and affordable, there’s no substitute for the positivity and energy of sharing a room with like-minded people once the novelty wears off. The support bridges the gap as you begin to get in a flow.

Next, get serious about your life and your health.

It’s great to drop some pounds and fat over a six week period, it’s better to look back and not have the regret of “letting yourself go.” No one wants to look back and say, “you know what…I was healthy and in shape when I was 29 years old and then again when I was 37 years old.” No one…absolutely no one wants to be that person who says they used to be in shape!

Exercise and health is a lifelong journey. It’s not just for vacations, summer seasons and weddings.

Third, understand cheapest and best is rarely a correlation.

Your body is an asset. You must invest in it for it to be the best. The cheapest gym in town may not be the best fit for you and for where you are along your journey.

And finally, you must get yourself a coach to ensure you have the right plan and strategy in place to achieve the goals you’re wanting to achieve. Not only would a coach ensure the correct strategy but s/he would also be the support and/or cheerleader you need when you need it.

These are sure-fire ways to make 2017 your last year to finally get in shape.

Follow these tips and you’ll be staying ready so you no longer need to get ready.

Do away with fitness resolutions to ‘get in shape’ and make ‘being in shape’ part of your identity.

Only then will the changes become permanent. A change in the calendar year will not make you magically get into shape and, more importantly, will not maintain your fitness goals and conditioning.

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