Member Spotlight – Nancy’s Journey to becoming stronger, more fit and having more energy

Congratulations to Nancy for being February’s Member Spotlight!! Job well done!!
Let’s give a big WHOO-RAAHHH to Nancy. Her story is a great example of how JCF’s core values of accountability and camaraderies go a long way toward helping people achieve the results they want.
Here is Nancy’s story in her own words……
I started JCF one year ago this week and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  I was always active in high school and college and then I got burned out and decided to take a break.  The only thing is, that break lasted 20 years. I kept making excuses for why I didn’t go to the gym.  First it was because I had a bad back.  Then it was because I didn’t want to take time away from being with my family.  Or that I shouldn’t spend the money on a gym membership when my family had all of these other expenses.  It was easy to not have to put in the effort.  To not care that I was feeling tired all the time.   But in the back of my brain there was a little nagging voice that kept telling me I was missing being part of a fit community.  I had always loved the camaraderie at a good group class and the endorphin high after a good workout.

One day while walking up the block on my way to work, the door was open to Grace Church and there was a JCF banner outside.  It looked like this group of women were working hard, but having a good time while doing it.  I took note of the website and decided to check it out.  When I saw there was a 5:30 am class I really had no excuse.  A) I’m a morning person B) it’s 3 blocks from my house and C) I could get my workout in and be home before the family was even awake and still have time to get myself and everyone ready for the day.  How the heck did I not know they were here the whole time!!!So, I’m not going to lie.  I was really nervous that first day.  Like I said, I haven’t worked out in over 20 years.  Not that I’m a sedentary person, but not knowing what they were going to do to me was intimidating!  But, the great thing about JCF is there is this built in “you can’t fail attitude”.  First of all everyone is cheering you on and giving you high-five’s throughout the whole session.  Secondly, the coaches are super knowledgeable and supportive.  Lastly, you walk out of the class on a high just cause you survived a challenging workout!When I look back to a year ago I can see how far I’ve come.  I couldn’t:

-jump over the small hurdles with weights in my hands
-jump rope (I am still not the world’s greatest jump roper, but I’m much better than I was)
-do a full range jumping jack
-do box jumps with or without weights
and the list goes onBut now I CAN!!  I am stronger, more fit and have much more energy.  My posture is much better and I stand taller.I think my biggest struggle has been getting proper form down.  Somehow in the time between the explanation and the beginning of the exercise I forget how to do it correctly.  My goal is to take more time to focus on perfecting each exercise.  I would also love to improve my sprinting form.
 I would tell anyone who is thinking about trying bootcamp to show up for a trial class.  Then you will really experience the true heart of JCF.  How the campers and coaches support each other and root for one another.  How the work is hard and the payoff is real.  You will get in the best shape of your life!  You will learn so much about nutrition and how far your body and mind can be challenged.  I promise that you will love it and be so glad you took that first step towards a better body and better life. 🙂
Thank you for sharing your story. Continue on your amazing journey:)

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