Member Spotlight – Saumya Khanna

Congratulations, Saumya, on being named our December Spotlight!!! Well done!

Health and specifically my weight have always been my preoccupation. I am a foodie so it wasn’t fun being a teenager when I constantly worried about my weight. It wasn’t until my mid-20s that I began regularly working out, but that was when I learned the power of determination. During this time, I was finally happy with my weight and I honestly thought I had achieved it all.

It was after I had my son Yash that I went through the weight struggle yet again. I tried everything I had done before–crash dieting, running, going to the gym 3-4 times a day–but I didn’t have the same motivation.

I had been recommended to try JCF by a few moms in my building, but it took a while to fully commit. I finally convinced myself to join a six-week challenge, lose the weight and be done. It was easier to wake up at 5am for the sessions when it was only for six weeks. My Success KPI was my weight, and to my surprise, I lost 10+ pounds! I surpassed my goal, felt motivated again, and I craved for more. Today, I say JCF is the most positive kind of ADDICTION for me that can exist!

My favorite moments in my journey with JCF have been the walks to the morning session and back home. A group of us would leave our building at 5:10am, and the 10-minute walk included giggles and complaints of everyday life (perfect motivation!!!). Walking back home from JCF was all about challenging and encouraging each other. It was amazing how we all as a group worked to make ourselves and each other better after the session. I am glad to now have my partner in crime to keep me going. 🙂

JCF is not just about working out, it’s about being accountable for your overall health. It’s a process that I trust completely: the path that leads to a better life both physically and mentally.

Among the many things I like about JCF is our coaches challenging themselves and being accountable. I also really enjoy Fit Test days. I get to compete with myself and work to make the best version of me, and I enjoy how much stronger I am becoming. Moreover, JCF has taught me how to eat right–there is never a feeling of guilt. If I ever overindulge, I have the support to get back on track.

I am so grateful for this program and the coaches who helped me realize every day that I have infinite power. I enjoy being challenged, crushing my competition (MYSELF), and being encouraged by JCF members (MY FRIENDS). I love being a part of this family. It’s my safe place. It’s the place that gives me strength both mentally and physically. Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE!!!!

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