Member Spotlight – Rohit Boddun

“22 pounds lighter…4 times more energetic…And I am just getting started…”

I played a lot of sports growing up and had been extremely active. Sports stuck with me during my college days, the early part of my career, while dating my wife Deepti, and the early part of our marriage.

Then we were blessed with a sweet little angel. She filled our lives with happiness. The focus of our life completely changed: work became the secondary focus and fitness went somewhere to the bottom of the list. Then came our second child and our lives got even more hectic. Life is a roller coaster with 2 kids and demanding careers for both parents.

During this time, I went from 170 to 202 pounds and had a tummy to match. My energy levels dropped tremendously. On the weekends, I would prefer to just stay home and rest. I did try to join a gym where I worked out on my own. However, it was not helping me in any way, as I did not know what exercises would work for me and I had nothing to drive me.

Last year in January, Deepti enrolled me in the JCF 6-Week Transformation Challenge. Those six weeks were tough, but I managed to shed 10 lbs! It was a ray of hope for me as I never thought I would ever lose weight in my life. I was extremely happy and determined to give it my best.

Becoming a JCF member was the natural transition. I had more weight and body fat to lose, and I had to get stronger.

Another lifestyle change I decided to make was to push myself to wake up early in the mornings to make it to the morning session. I wanted to keep the evening for family time. For years I have spent late evenings working and got used to going to bed at 1AM. The next few months after joining I changed my sleep cycle. It was challenging and it took a lot of time. Also, during the 6-week challenge, I could only manage 3 sessions a week. After becoming a member my target was to make attending 4-5 JCF sessions a week part of the new routine. Everyday was a step towards achieving that goal.

I look forward to challenging myself each and every session and seeing the friends I have made at JCF. I look forward to six-pack abs ;-)…

I am extremely thankful to all three coaches, who keep pushing me to lift heavier and build my endurance. The relentless efforts they put in making every session interesting and challenging is commendable.

I am proud to say that today I am 22 lbs lighter, much stronger. I have never felt this fit and energetic in years and that keeps me motivated to keep coming to JCF sessions. It’s been a life-changing experience. I am still in the process of shifting my lifestyle to a better one, and that’s what keeps me motivated everyday.


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