Member Spotlight – Janine and Alex

Congratulations, Janine & Alex: First couple to be featured in our Member Spotlight!!!


What was life like before joining JCF?

JanineBefore joining JCF, I was pretty sedentary. Alex was staying fit playing soccer, and I was feeling like I was just getting more and more out of shape. My body was aching and massage was only a temporary solution.

AlexWell, she says I was staying fit, but the truth is I was not because soccer is not really a good way to maintain fitness. It was the only thing I was doing for exercise, and it was becoming more problematic than helpful. I didn’t really know what the problem was, but now I know: that I am exercising a lot more muscles in a lot more ways.


What brought you to JCF and what made you decide to become a member?

JanineI met Daris while working at Indiegrove and was impressed when I heard him speak about running a small business. I appreciated his philosophy and got the sense that he took a very positive approach to his work. I was intrigued and thought I might someday want to join, but that wasn’t enough.

AlexI think a few things came together for us to decide to start at JCF. I don’t want to be dwelling on how old we are, but being in your 50s really does make a difference to your overall sensation of well-being. So between aches and pains that take a long time to go away, a trip to India, and reading a good book about how beneficial exercise is, we decided to give it a try. 


How has joining JCF impacted your life?

AlexHow has my life changed in the year and a half that we’ve been going to JCF? That’s actually not so simple to answer for me. Being strong has more than one effect: it helps in your attitude and your feelings, but it’s also really there in your muscles. I really like being able to scoot up stairs even when I’m really tired. And the affect on my soccer game has been just great overall. I’ve had fewer injuries and more ability to play as long as I want.

JanineThere have been a lot of changes for me, too. For one thing, I’ve never been a physical person. I’m now more fit than I’ve ever been and certainly more strong. And I’ve been working with Daris for the last year on nutrition, which has educated me about how to eat to support the work I’ve been doing at the gym. I’ve never had a weight problem, but I feel overall more healthy and confident. 


What keeps you motivated to continue on a path towards a better body and a better life?

AlexWell, I was going to say that Janine’s oh-so-subtle pressure is what makes me keep coming but that’s not all true. I like the way I feel. I like being stronger and I like feeling like I have reversed my aging decline. It’s pretty clear that I have to keep working to make good things happen for my body. 

JanineIt’s sometimes really hard for me to keep going, even though I’m feeling super great. There are many mornings when I just want to stay in bed, but there’s something about being with someone else who’s doing it, too, and feeling the need to keep us both motivated that drives me to get out of bed even when I don’t want to.


What do you look forward to as a JCF member?

AlexIt’s been really striking for me to experience the benefits of the structure of JCF. Maybe I’m different than most people, but I cannot just get on a treadmill and exercise. I always said I just needed a soccer ball to chase, but I’m realizing that the social interaction is just as important. Also, I respect Daris, Cait, and Mel, and I do try to put in more effort because they are motivating me.

JanineI totally agree. I’m really sad that we’re going to be leaving by moving to California and won’t have the great community we have here at JCF. In making plans for our move we’ve already researched to find another community in Santa Cruz that might be a substitute, but it hasn’t been easy. And we’re not sure we’ll find anything that can meet the high bar that’s been set by our experience here with JCF.


Name one or two highlights–a favorite memory–from your experience at JCF.

Janine: Surprised and pleased to make it to 200!

Alex:  Jogging the block against the traffic so I got to high-five everyone.


What are some of the things you’re looking forward to when you move to Cali?

Alex: Workouts on the beach with the sun coming up with visiting friends from JCF.
Janine: Foggy, cool weather for morning workouts and sun for most of the day.

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