Member Spotlight – Ewa Maciolek

Congratulations to Ewa for being July’s Member Spotlight! Great Job!!



I started JCF with the Transformation Challenge in September 2017. I was looking for a cool place to workout, not just a regular gym chain like Equinox. I also wanted to try bootcamp classes. I did a Google search, looked at some local bloggers recommendations, and JCF came up on the list. I signed up for the Transformation Challenge spontaneously and one day showed up for the class instead for the assessments. Since then I knew it’s going to be fun journey!!!
JCF taught me how to control my portions and eat smart. I was also able to lose almost 15 lbs, gain some muscles and most important- go down in my body fat percentage! Oh, and not to forget, I met great people with the same passion and goals. 
The truth is, JCF opens the door to everyone and you would be surprised how awesome it can all turn out! It’s much easier when you have someone supporting you and motivating at the same time. Someone you can call a friend after spending so much time at the gym. 🙂
The nutrition is the biggest challenge: in the beginning I found it hard to control my portions, especially sweets (If you know me well, you know how much I love chocolate!). With JCF I learned a lot about the healthy lifestyle, and after seeing the results, it was much easier to give up on treats to achieve even more! It also took me a while to push myself and go for heavier weights at the gym. Today the heavier the weight the bigger the fun… and muscles!!!
I didn’t realize how much energy, strength and stamina I get while working out with JCF. I was able to attend four races within one month, the last one (10k run in Newport) was tough, but I had great company supporting me. Not to forget the City Challenge Race where the entire JCF crew showed great teamwork! Now I am hungry for more! Half marathon is on my TO DO list for this year, and I want to learn how to swim (Fun fact: I don’t know how to swim!)… and I want to continue to workout, get even better results and take my nutrition to the next level!

If you are looking for fun and unique workouts, nutrition coaching, events, great people and professional coaches, you’ve come to the right place. JCF is not just a gym, it’s a great community of strong and motivating people who will support you to reach for more goals! #alldayeveryday


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