4 Hacks to Beat the JCF Fit Test

“Know your numbers” is an adage you hear in business quite a bit. Although numbers don’t lie, they don’t tell the WHOLE story.

Numbers in our industry can definitely be misleading when it comes to markers of success, which is why we track more than just weight. That way, we get a much more accurate assessment of our Members’ body composition.

However, tracking and documenting is essential to your long-term health and fitness success. Tracking your fitness and fat loss results gives you feedback to let you know if your strategy is working or not.

That’s it. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Being a results-oriented program, we track our Members’ fitness and body composition on a monthly basis to document improvements from the previous month.

It’s an opportunity for us on the JCF Team to intervene if a Member is regressing or continue to give them high fives if they’re progressing in a manner in which they are happy.

Our Fit Test is a benchmark workout we perform monthly and update quarterly. It comprises of five exercises to be completed for 60 seconds then followed by 30 seconds of rest. We perform three rounds of the five exercises in a circuit manner and record the total amount of reps completed plus weight used.

Now that you have the what and why, here are the top hacks to beat the Fit Test:

  1. Push not Pace: you have 60 seconds to max out your capacity. Push really hard for the first 30 to 40 seconds getting as many reps as possible with each inhale and exhale. Pace once you’ve “hit the wall” (begin to slow down).
  2. Bring your mobile phone: tracking and documenting is essential to your success. Log your results in our Member app and take ownership our fitness and fat loss journey.
  3. Know your numbers: take a look at your previous fit test results so you remove the guesswork. Know the weights you previously used and the amount of reps you completed. That way you know what it takes to #ImproveDaily.
  4. Compete….with yourself: we’re an inclusive, team-like program here at JCF. We also have a growth-mindset to get a little bit better everyday. So take being the best version of yourself seriously. Your better body and better life will be inevitable.

Can’t wait to see you at our next Fit Test!

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